FAQ: Pet boarding

FAQ: Pet boarding

Get answers to all your questions relating to boarding your pet with us.

Where can I take my dog for boarding?

We have three venues: one at Sangster Rd (Magaliessig); one on Bryanston Drive and one at 33 Devonshire Ave (Bryanston). 

What are the operating hours for drop off and collection?

We are open from 06:45 - 18:00 on weekdays at both venues and 08:00 - 17:00 on weekends and public holidays at Sangster Rd and 08:00 - 09:00 and 16:00 - 17:00 at Devonshire Ave and Bryanston Drive.

Why does Devonshire Ave and Bryanston Drive have different weekend hours?

Both venues are in residential areas and as requested by the neighbours we need to stick to these hours.

What is the cost of boarding?

As there are different scenarios, please go to “Book Boarding” on our website for accurate pricing.

Where does my dog sleep?

Each run has an enclosed house which is fully insulated against heat and cold. The runs are fitted with raised beds so the dogs are not lying on the ground.

Can I bring my dog’s own bed?

You are welcome to bring a bed, but if your dog is in a social run the possibility of it being used as a toy at night is very high.

What else do I need to bring with my dog?

You only need to bring their food, we have everything else

What are the different categories of boarding accommodation?

See our website

Will my dog be with dogs of the same size?

All miniature breeds go to Devonshire Ave unless they are boarding together with a larger dog, then they will be boarded at Sangster Rd. Medium to Large breeds go to Sangster Rd and Large to Giant breeds go to Bryanston Drive. (This is the norm, but can change on assessment of each booking)

What about my puppy?

Puppies up to 4 months of age and breed-size dependent go to Devonshire Ave where they enjoy puppy socialisation with other puppies of their own age.

Are my dogs allowed to socialize with the other dogs?

We have dogs of similar sizes in runs together where they play together. During their day, our trainers let each run out into the play areas to run around and play on the adventure playground or in the dams.

What if my dog can’t be with other dogs?

We have solo runs for dogs that are unable to be with other dogs in a social environment. They get taken for walks, play in the play area on their own and with their owner’s permission, they also get to swim in the dam.

Do the dogs get any training whilst boarding?

The dogs get one-on-one training for about 20mins each. All our trainers use positive reinforcement. No punishment is allowed.

Can I leave my dog at boarding for concentrated training?

Yes we take dogs into our boarding facility and work with them on improving the unwanted behaviour.

What is the cost for in-house specific training?

R310/day inclusive

Do you accept unsterilised dogs?

Whilst we prefer all our dogs to be sterilised after the age of 7 months, we can accept older dogs but they need to have an assessment before we place them with other dogs. If we feel this won’t work then they will be placed in an individual run.

Do you have facilities for bitches in season?

Unfortunately not. As we have a lot of dogs boarding in a social environment, we are not able to have a bitch in season on the same property as it would cause fights and dogs trying to get over our fences.